The Team Environmental group is committed to total quality management. It is our company policy to do things right the first time all the time.

Quality Implementation

Our specially trained professionals assess each project to establish safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sound plans to accomplish project goals. We empower our on-site experts to work in a manner that ensures all operations are safe, efficient and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Quality Assurance

A standardized set of policies and procedures have been established for all critical processes. Company procedures adhere to required standards. Our staff includes a trained quality assurance specialist and technical writer to accommodate special documentation requirements.

Quality Control

Thorough documentation is performed on all projects to ensure procedures are followed correctly. Photo and video documentation are available for projects before and after site resolution is performed.

We interface regularly with our clients to ensure that their goals are met and that they are satisfied with the progress and results of their projects. A Team Environmental project manager can always be contacted through our communications network of phones, cellular phones, two-way radios and pagers. We are always available to service our customers and to answer questions.